Month: November 2016

Kodi on the Raspberry Pi 3

Nate takes a look at the Raspberry Pi 3 to see how well it runs Kodi. The answer? Awesomely. The built-in wifi works even inside the metal FLIRC case, with little to no high bitrate choking.

Calling All Raspberry Pi Pioneers

Get together, get inspired, and get thinking.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation are looking for Pioneers to use technology to make something awesome. Get together in a team or on your own, post online to show them how you’re getting on, and then show the world your build when you’re done.

The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book Volume 2 is on sale now. The Projects Book is packed with 200 pages of the finest coding and creating tutorials. It comes from the same team that brings you The MagPi every month, which is the official community magazine, so you can be sure these are the highest-quality tutorials and projects around.

Raspberry Pi Projects Book Volume 2

CERN Pi Science Event

CERN is the heart of particle physics research, where scientists are working to discover new phenomena using high-energy equipment. These research challenges have driven inventions, such as the World Wide Web and superconducting magnets used by the Large Hadron Collider. Theoretical calculations and experimental analyses are both heavily reliant on computer programming, so it’s a great place to host a Raspberry Pi programming event.

Babbage outside CERN

Raspberry Pi Powered Skateboard

Over the summer, The Raspberry Pi Guy made his own electric skateboard using a £4 Raspberry Pi Zero. Controlled with a Nintendo Wiimote, capable of going 30km/h, and with a range of over 10km, this project has been pretty darn fun. In this video, you see him racing around Cambridge and he explains the ins and outs of this project.