Month: January 2017

BETT 2017

I had lots of fun running round the ExCel centre yesterday visiting BETT 2017 – If you want to know what the latest is with all the Raspberry Pi developments it was the place to be.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation had a Code Club demo area with talks and demos all through the day and many other smaller stands in the Steam Village next door for various aspects of the Raspberry Pi offering. Shout out to a few who I talked to – David Honess who was on the AstroPi stand – Tracy Gardner who works with The Raspberry Pi Foundation but also runs her own Business, Tech Age Kids  . Another company that had some good RPi related kits were CBiSEducation – they have lots of robotics kits for all ages. Also a new publication ‘Hello World’ was available aimed at educators.


Digital Making Curriculum from The Raspberry Pi Foundation

There is a large and diverse community of people who are interested in digital making. Some might use the curriculum to help guide and inform their own learning, or perhaps their children’s learning. People who run digital making clubs at schools, community centres, and Raspberry Jams may draw on it for extra guidance on activities that will engage their learners. Some teachers may wish to use the curriculum as inspiration for what to teach their students.