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Scratch 2

Scratch 2.0 is now available as an offline app for the Raspberry Pi! This new version of Scratch allows you to control the Pi’s GPIO (General Purpose Input and Output) pins, and offers a host of other exciting new features.
Scratch 2

Playing With Papirus Zero

It’s a nice dainty little display. There are two displays of different sizes; 1.44 inch and 2.0 inch. It just so happens that the height of these screens is an almost perfect match for the Pi Zero. The wider of the two doesn’t quite fill a pHAT sized board, so they both fit nicely on the PCB.


Cheapest Raspberry Pi Games Console

Making amazing digital projects out of recycled parts is a real joy. So imagine how happy we are to see BotchBoy: the cheapest Raspberry Pi games console ever.

BotchBoy was built by Joe Foulkes who wanted to make the cheapest GameBoy console around. As a matter of fact: no expense has been spent on this project. The total build cost is less than £15 ($20). And we love it.

Building the cheapest Raspberry Pi games console